Today, React Native has a big community which makes it the most popular cross-platform development tool. However, many developers admit that Flutter has too many other advantages, which make it a better choice. As we have already mentioned, Flutter is written in Dart language, which allows compiling a code quicker than JavaScript. Moreover, thanks to this, Flutter displays animations at 60 fps as a standard. Stats, we will notice that Flutter becomes more popular among the developers.

Which is better react or react native

The niche of React 360 is 3D images and interactive UIs to deliver a never-to-be-forgotten UX. It’s not an undisputed drawback since some engineers find this syntax sugar rather practical. However, you’ll have to spend some time to master it and get used to its similarities and differences from HTML. This is a brief introduction to key features you’ll find in the library. Native code may seem like the easier option internally but may not make the best business sense.

Disadvantage Of React Native

The list of React JS disadvantages is short and mostly based on the most widespread complaints about the library. It has a rather simple syntax that is within the grasp of any HTML-savvy engineer. Now, let’s close the hood and move from React JS features to its advantages and drawbacks. Most companies try to approach React Native projects with an in-house team. As we’ve seen with Airbnb and Udacity, this isn’t always a great idea.

Which is better react or react native

Chances are some of the development teams within these companies are still enthusiastic about React Native’s potential in the grand scheme. React Native doesn’t demand the cost and time required for maintaining separate Android and iOS code bases. Consider, for a moment, Coinbase’s tremendous success with a transition to React Native. Their clear recognition of its pros, cons, and the context around React Native eliminated a lot of the early misconceptions and false steps. Build times can be too high, .apk sizes can be too large, and potentially complicated integrations can throw people off. But beneath the grime and dust, awaits a lithe, mean, and uber-adaptable language that rushes to deliver.

Avoid Use Of Scrollview To Render Huge Lists

Despite some opinions that search ranking can be hurt if we use React for app building, the library is capable of providing seamless SEO integration. This is possible due to fast page load and the server-side rendering. Faster programming and high performance are achievable due to the abovementioned virtual DOM.

Flutter – Flutter is relatively new, and though it has gained some attention lately, it is still way behind in developer count. Since Dart is a new language, the adoption rate among developers is slightly lower. Although the whole React rendering code is within our ticking timer, React is changing only the timestamp paragraph and not the whole DOM node. This is why the text input box was not regenerated and we were able to type in it. Let’s now add some more features to our simple User Interface. Unlike pure functions however, a full React component can have a private state to hold data that may change over time.

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library used to build the user interface for Web Applications. It is responsible only for the view layer of the application. React Native – React Native is based more on native components for both Android and iOS devices.

If you’re not familiar with the elder brother’s fundamentals like JSX, writing approach, and so on, you’ll have to spend time on learning both Facebook’s technologies from the ground up. The elder brother gave most of its benefits to the younger one. I.e., JavaScript plus React’s syntax are obligatory to get in the mobile app technology. However, to master it in full, you’ll have to learn platform-specific APIs, design patterns, language basics, and probably read one of these books.

Your team won’t dissipate efforts on creating one app for iOS, one for Android, one Windows, etc. Thanks to code reusability, most of your JS code base can be shared between different platforms and save a bunch of time. The JS library as a core of the React mobile framework can be a drawback as well.

Which is better react or react native

It remains the same and re-renders itself to reflect only the relevant state changes. So if you have an idea that you’d like to see materialize in React Native, we recommend you schedule a free consultation with a member of our team. They bring a lot of experience in building apps with React Native and could help you spot planning holes early on. It renders HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but comes saddled with a lot of restrictions. Cordova forces the app to use a web browser to draw all of its screens, instead of using the native UI layer. It rarely looks or feels native – making user experience suffer.

Grow Your Business With Codemagic

React Native is an entire platform allowing you to build native, cross-platform mobile apps, and React.js is a JavaScript library you use for constructing a high performing UI layer. React Native is much like a consequence or advancement of React.js. Similar to React for the Web, React Native applications are written using a mixture of JavaScript and XML-esque markup, known as JSX.

Which is better react or react native

You should make use of the componentWillUpdate lifecycle method to prepare for an update, not to trigger another one. If your aim is to set a state, you should do that using componentWillReceiveProps instead. To be on the safe side, use componentDidUpdate rather than componentWillReceiveProps to dispatch any Redux actions. There are a few ways to display items with scrollable lists in React Native.

Code sharing − You can share most of your code on different platforms. React Native – According to the recent StackOverflow survey of 2019, 62.5% of developers loved React Native. Since it has been around for a while now and uses React and JavaScript, it leads to better job opportunities.

Components are exactly the same; we call their input “properties” and “state”, and a component output is a description of a User Interface . We can reuse a single component in multiple User Interfaces, and components can contain other components. Let’s attempt to cover all the reasons behind React’s rising popularity.

Developer Experience

It is used by all kinds of businesses – small to large – to build single-page applications and mobile apps. Some of the biggest examples of companies using React.js are Facebook and Instagram. Today, Facebook’s technology enjoys huge rates of growing popularity among other JS libraries. Another proof of its progress is a rising market demand for React engineers. From the business perspective, you obtain a useful and substantial solution prepacked with various auxiliary tools. React Native’s component-based structure allows developers to build apps with a more agile, web-style approach to development than most hybrid frameworks, and without any web at all.

In a nutshell, developers see React Native as a faster and cleaner way to build flexible and responsive cross-platform apps that work and feel like native ones. So it should come as no surprise that many Fortune 1000 companies and fledgling startups alike have leveraged it. All in all, Flutter and React Native are great choices to save time and money on mobile app development. What framework to choose will depend on the preferences of the developer and the company. Indeed, hybrid apps are the best solution for the business. The segment of hybrid apps is growing fast, and it seems that in several years, hybrid apps will displace native apps.

  • For example, Angular extends HTML with features like loops, conditionals, and others.
  • React Native comes with Native Modules and Native components that improve performance.
  • Debugging is one of the most challenging tasks of every developer’s work.
  • Unfortunately, JS is not enough to implement them, and developers need expertise in platform-specific language.
  • It means, each component is a structural element of the user interface.

React.js focuses on a better UI, react native developer for hire so those benefits remain.

Use Nativedriver With The Animated Library

Native Components − If you want to create native functionality which is not created yet, you will need to write some platform specific code. Flutter – There is no interconnecting bridge for initiating interactions with the device’s native components. Hence, interactions with native components are faster, improving the overall performance of the application.

React Native and Flutter are both mobile app development technologies. They help build interactive applications for Android and iOS. Since they both serve the same purpose, it is crucial to understand the differences between them and choose the right one for you.

His passion for building meaningful products inspires him to write blogs, speak at conferences and mentor different talents. You can reach out to him over Twitter (@SnehPandya18) or via email (). At the beginning of each React Native project, you usually don’t care about the application size.

React is over-dependent on a plethora of versatile tooling and external libraries. Having too much to choose from may be serious hassle for developers. This programming language underlies the library, which means you get access to a vivid society of contributors and enthusiasts across the globe.

How React Native Is Different From Reactjs ?

React Native is a combination of two app development approaches – native and JS-based. Most of the code is written in JavaScript, while some computationally heavy platform-specific features are done with native plugins. React Native is a framework that combines the best parts of native development with React to build user interfaces. These mobile applications are downloadable on Google Play Store and Apple Store. It uses reusable components to render views, allowing developers to reduce build time for their web apps. It helps manipulate the website DOM faster using the virtual DOM model.


The remaining 15% code is platform-specific which can be customized to give your apps the authentic native experience. React.js tends to have a steeper learning curve than React Native. New developers may need to spend some time learning React.js before they can proceed to development. The React virtual DOM model refreshes only parts of the page, making is significantly faster than the DOM full refresh. React knows just when to re-render a part of the application by observing data changes to the state.

React Native is easy to install, but unlike Flutter, it creates packages. Some developers find it annoying, but for many, this plays any importance. As a rule, all Flutter apps have a high performance by default. Still, it is necessary to consider some common problems that may affect the rate. Flutter provides users with recommendations that help to reach the desired results.

So, if your aim is a decent alternative to native app development, it’s a challenge to find anything better than React Native. Also, you may check out our blog posts dedicated to debugging and adding a geolocation search feature with the framework. React is a JavaScript library, a framework for building web applications.

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