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Nonetheless, the Solicitor General, within the exercise of sound discretion, could suspend or turn down the institution of an action for quo warranto where there are simply and legitimate reasons. Upon receipt of case certified to him, the Solicitor General could start the prosecution of the case by filing the suitable motion in court docket or he might choose not to file the case in any respect. The Solicitor General is given permissible latitude inside his authorized authority in actions for quo warranto, circumscribed solely by the national interest and the federal government policy on the matter at hand.

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— The vendor and the consumer might stipulate the interval inside which the express guarantee shall be enforceable. If the implied warranty on merchantability accompanies an specific warranty, each might be of equal period. 2) “Limited warranty” if the written guarantee does not meet such minimal necessities. L) for any individual to supply the fee of any offense above-mentioned by another. E) that the transaction that the vendor or provider induced the consumer to enter into was excessively one-sided in favor of the seller or provider. — The State shall undertake measures designed to protect the consumer in opposition to substances aside from meals, medication, cosmetics and gadgets that are hazardous to his health and safety.

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In the Majority Opinion, Justice Tijam solutions this query within the affirmative. It is likewise important to distinguish the proceedings earlier than the Committee on Justice of the House of Representatives and the quo warranto petition pending before the Court. The concern within the petition for quo warranto is whether or not respondent unlawfully holds or workouts a public office in view of the competition of the Solicitor General that her failure to file SALNs, without lawful justification, underscored her inability to prove her integrity which is a constitutional qualification to turn out to be a member of the Supreme Court. In distinction, the difficulty in the Congressional Hearings the place I was invited as a Resource Person was the dedication of possible trigger to impeach the respondent where her skills previous to her appointment as Chief Justice was by no means a difficulty nor raised as floor for impeachment. Is out there as a remedy even as in opposition to impeachable officers, like respondent.

This belies respondent’s illustration that the JBC maintained its requirement that the candidates submit all earlier SALNs. If such have been the case, solely those candidates determined to have complied ought to have been shortlisted, and the others, including respondent, shouldn’t have qualified. In any case, the requirement of submitting SALNs inside the ten-year period instead of all previous SALNs is more in preserving with the law. No. 6713 provides that the filed SALNs needn’t be retained by the receiving officer or the custodian after more than ten years from the submitting or receipt thereof, and really allows such paperwork to be destroyed until wanted in an ongoing investigation. Dean Amado Valdez wrote letter dated July 23, 2022 saying that he may not find the SALNs covering the years 1985 to 1987, 2022 to 2022 and 2022 representing the years of his intermittent authorities service.

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In truth, within the stated circumstances, there was not even declare that respondent therein was disqualified from holding office and accordingly challenged respondent’s standing as de jure 14th President of the Republic. By entertaining the quo warranto petition, the Court actually decided whether then President Estrada has put an end to his official status by his alleged act of resignation. Respondent also accuses the Republic of getting committed deliberate forum-shopping in filing the motion for quo warranto even when the impeachment proceeding was already pending before the House of Representatives.

  • I appeared thereat only out of deference to the House of Representatives whose constitutional obligation to research the impeachment grievance filed in opposition to the respondent could not be doubted.

Clearly, the facility to remove an impeachable official, whereas involving the interpretation of the Constitution, isn’t assigned to the Judiciary. It is an unique perform of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House acts as prosecutor while the Senate will act because the physique to attempt the case; that’s, to receive evidence and vote for conviction or acquittal. When the President of the Philippines is on trial, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall preside, however shall vote. A verified criticism could additionally be filed by any Member of the House of Representatives or by any citizen upon a decision of endorsement by any Member thereof, which shall be included within the Order of Business within ten session days, and referred to the right Committee inside three session days thereafter.

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